Microsoft and Intel Restores Support To Huawei Laptops

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Huawei has a little good news. Intel and Microsoft have confirmed that they will continue to support Huawei’s Laptops, despite Huawei’s position on the US entity list, which actually prohibits Huawei from receiving US technology.

The Chinese telecom giant has seen a large number of US companies, even those outside the US, have been supporting the past few weeks, including major partners such as ARM, Google, and Qualcomm. Earlier this month, Huawei announced that its latest two generations of mobile phones, including the P30 Pro and Mate 20 Pro, will receive Android Q, which means it is now normal for owners of new devices. However, Microsoft has so far remained silent on the Huawei ban, so it is confirmed that it and Intel will continue to support Huawei notebooks with some much-needed clarity.

However, this only applies to exist Huawei laptops, including laptops that are already in the hands of customers and units that are still in stock.

At the end of Intel, support means continuing firmware updates to fix security risks, as well as driver updates such as GPUs. Of course, Microsoft will provide Windows updates so customers can benefit from the latest features and security patches.

Having said that, Huawei, as a PC manufacturer, will still face considerable uncertainty once it has experienced the CPU and other components in stock. The ban means that it cannot access the necessary components and technologies, so it is impossible to build a new system.

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