Huawei To Launch Honor Smart TV in 2020 With 5G

At a very recent Honor conference, the president of Honor, which is a sub-brand of Huawei, George Zhao has made an official announcement that Honor brand will soon have their own Honor Smart TV with 5G.

Before this announcement, there were rumors that Honor and Huawei are up to something big, and finally, we know what they were working on a 5G SMART TV!

Zhao also said that Honor is ready to take over another market segment.

Honor’s vision isn’t just releasing smart TV at a competitive price. According to Zhao, they want to revolutionize smart TV with Internet TVs.

Honor seems very optimistic as the company smoothly voyages into a new market industry. Huawei has hailed it as the “Future of Television”. What Digital Phablet understood from the statement made by George Zhao, that Honor Smart TV will be a complete information center rather than just a media center.

Huawei Honor Smart TV Release Date

honor smart tv

Recent leaks have made it clear that Huawei will release Honor Smart TV will be launched in the mid-2020. As of now, Digital Phablet cannot confirm the date, but the year is confirmed.

Huawei’s Honor Smart TV will have a 5G! Making it the world’s first 5g smart tv!

huawei honor smart tv

Honor’s Smart TV will be the first TV with 5G connectivity option, making it even more powerful than other TV manufacturers. Which is clear competition with other TV makers such as Samsung, LG, and Sony, etc.

Huawei Honor Smart TV Price

huawei smart tv honor smart tv

Honor hasn’t announced the price as of now, but they made sure that the Smart TV will not be cheap, but will be a great value for your money.

Honor seems very much positive about the success of their upcoming smart TV, citing the features this TV has never been found in other Smart TV manufactured by other brands.


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