FaceApp Is Secretly Stealing Your Data – Uploading All Your Photos

Did you know FaceApp is not safe for you at all! It is stealing data as users allowing it to steal it by giving permission to use any photo from the gallery.

After this app went viral in 2017, and now gathering over 100 million active users, now it is going viral again after FaceApp Challenge where celebrities including everyone else is participating, it is turning older people into younger ones, younger ones into older ones, boys to girls and girls to boys.

This app is using AI to create a deep fake version of you, and it is available on both iOS and Android smartphones.

But a tweet has opened many eyes this week when a developer warned Face App’s users that the app is secretly uploading that photos from your phone to their servers without your permission.

Joshua Nozzi said on his twitter that he was trying to show the world that FaceApp is a security threat to our phones as their servers are Russian, US and Australian owned.

Elliot Alderson A.K.A Baptiste Robert, a French security researcher downloaded the app to check what is the path of data handling behind this app found that FaceApp is gathering all the pictures we’re submitting and backing them up on servers hosted in the United States, Australia and Russia.

faceapp data privacy

This is how FaceApp is bad for Privacy

  • You take a photo, and it starts processing.
  • It gets processed on FaceApp servers in St. Petersburg.
  • Then it shows you the images made by AI.
  • And your photos get secretly saved on FaceApp servers located in Australia and United States.

FaceApp hasn’t given Digital Phablet any comment on this matter as of now.


FaceApp uploading all photos in Camera Roll without your permission

Will Strafach, an iOS security researcher has claimed that FaceApp is secretly uploading each and every photo in your camera roll to its remote servers.

FaceApp has made comment on this matter and admitted that FaceApp stores all the images you process (i.e. upload to edit.). It confirms that FaceApp is stealing your data. The United States Democrats also formally asked FTC and FBI to initiate an investigation on FaceApp data stealing.


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