Here is How to Stop Netflix Playing Trailers Automatically

Netflix finally aimed to resolve the concern of many people and many users. It is now offering a method to close the “autoplaying” of the videos. Follow these simple steps to Stop Netflix Playing Trailers automatically from app or web browser. Which can be annoying sometimes.

If you are fed-up from trailers appearing to your screen whenever you pause your selection for a short while, this option would now help you out.

Note: You are required to do it with the help of your web browser only at the moment. However, the process is very easy.

Log in to your Netflix account through any web browser. In the upper right side, go in your display picture and then select “Manage Profiles”. You now choose the profiles for which you want to turn off the autoplay. Under the other options concerning your profile, you will observe “Autoplay Controls”.

Stop Netflix playing Autoplay Trailers and Episodes

Netflix sign in
netflix manage profile
netflix profile
stop previews netflix

Click on (uncheck) “Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices”. This option is present since the start of Netflix, you might have never noticed it earlier. Even to navigate around your home screen or other sections with any interruption, you can also click (uncheck) “Autoplay previews while browsing on all devices”. This option is new and recently developed in Netflix concerning your browsing.

Any change you make in your profile, will be applied on every device through with you use Netflix application. The company is aware about the delay which its users have to face after updating the settings till it turns into effect. And to manage this problem, switch into another profile which you have in your Netflix account and then reverse back to the previous. The option you opted will thus be into effect already.

Once you turned off “Autoplay”, you will find ease with your scrolling for Netflix’s variety of entertainment rows without any interruption or breaking the tempo. Optimistically, you will find ease in selecting among its shows and movies and won’t be bothered anymore by the trailers being played at every step.


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