AVG and Avast Browser Extension Stealing Private User Data

Avast Browser Extension
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Recently, two famous browsers seized Online Security Extensions; AVG and Avast Browser Extension from their Web Stores after a research which concluded that they grab a lot of data regarding the browsing histories of the users.

Opera, Mozilla and Google has also deleted AVG and Avast Browser Extention

Opera and Mozilla also pulled out these extensions from the stores as an action on this update. Although, the Google store of extensions, is still holding them up as noted this Wednesday.

According to Palant, the extensions went far from the only basic reason of their design. He noted that they were gathering a shocking amount of information from user’s browsing data from dev tools to check the network traffic. Not only URLs, but also their navigation, utilized browser version, pages visited in past, concerned country’s code as well as their device’s OS version.

The company did specified their activity of collecting the data as per their privacy policy however, didn’t mentioned the duration of them being stored in the version. On inquiring from the spokesperson of Avast on the prevailing issue, he remained silent. Whereas, Mozilla’s stated, “On the basis of the Google and Mozilla’s contract signed by the extension developers, spying is clearly mentioned as violating the terms”.

Opera didn’t share an immediate response but, they stated Palant that their store has removed these extensions.

The spokesperson of Avast commented to Gizmodo that they are working collectively with Mozilla to solve this problem. Additionally, he emailed that it is important for them to assemble the history of URLs in order to deliver the expectations for the process. Yet, it doesn’t clear the few facts, for instance, the data of location.

Delete these browser extensions if you have downloaded them

The thing which is obvious is that despite of controversies or prevention from spyware, such protections often get unsuccessful. Eventually, individual users should now take responsibility and stay alert in order to protect their data.

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