Honda’s New Car, Honda E is Launching Soon – Price, Buy, Specs

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Honda has announced and started taking pre-orders for its upcoming car, Honda E and it will soon be launched for you to buy. So let’s discuss its specs and price.

honda e blue
Auto Car UK

About 25,000 people in Europe have pre-booked this car as told by Jean-Marc Streng, General automotive manager of Honda Europe.

Honda E buy
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Honda has confirmed that the supply of this car will be highly limited as it is going to be launched in the United Kingdom and Japan before any other country such as Singapore, Malaysia, China or Russia.

World’s First Electric Car

There is no engine in Honda E! It completely runs on batteries. Honda has made sure that the car gives higher satisfaction to the one who is driving it. And to make sure, they have make it battery efficient. All you just have to charge and drive!

Honda E Battery Timing

Honda e Battery Timing
Car Magazine UK

The battery of Honda E supports DC rapid charging and a single 100% charge will be able to drive it 125 miles per charge. It charges 80% in just 30 minutes.

Honda E Price

Honda E Price
Car Magazine UK

Honda has not announced the price of Honda E yet, but they have started taking the pre-orders and have set a website for it. A person can just simply pre-book it to get in the queue of people getting their hands on it for the first time.

Honda E Specifications

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  • It comes in five colors, Black, Grey, Light Green, Blue, and Pearl white.
  • The batteries are supplied by Panasonic.
  • 12.3 inches LED touchscreens are mounted on the woody dashboard.
  • It is 50mm wider and 100mm shorter than the Honda Jazz.
  • It has rear view cameras instead of wing mirrors.
  • Normal view and Wide view allows drivers to enhance visibility by 10 to 50 percent as compared to ordinary mirrors.

Honda E Will Be Released in Japan and Europe

honda e white
Driving Electric

Honda Europe has announced that Honda EV will be released in Europe as well as Japan. Currently, Honda has no plans to launch it in the US market.

honda e camera
Auto Zone

For those who has pre-booked this car will get it by 2020.

honda e interior
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