Hack Warning Issued For 1.4 Billion Apple iPad and iPhone Users

As iPhone 11 and iOS 13 is releasing anytime soon, Apple has got a severe hack warning for its 1.4 billion iPhone and iPad users.

Israeli forensics company Cellebrite has revealed to Apple that they have found a way to break into an iPad or iPhone having any, old or latest version of iOS. There are 1.4 billion active iOS users all around the world.

Israeli forensics company Cellebrite also told Apple that they can extract and execute any file or program in any iOS device, and putting this service on sale. Furthermore, back in 2016, the FBI used Cellebrite to crack iPhone 5c belonging to San Bernardino Killer Syed Rizwan Farook.

Company has clarified that you need to have the device physically, in the palm of your hand to perform the crack and ensured that this can not be performed when the device is not with you.

How to get Cellebrite?

ipad cellebrite hack

It had been reported that Cellebrite crack kit has been sold on eBay for just $100.

Can Cellebrite hack any iPhone?

iphone cellebrite hack

This big hack warning shows that there are still ways to get into anyone’s iPhone or iPad running any iOS version. Apple is still figuring out how to solve this big bug leaving that door open. iOS 13 will be available for selected devices only, meaning the older devices will become more easily hackable.

“Privacy and Protection” is one of the USPs of Apple, which is making them stand up against their rivals. But with the introduction of the software, Cellebrite, it can really damage their market as well as their sales.

Can Cellebrite Hack Android too?

cellebrite hack on iphone

It is also clarified by the company, Cellebrite, that they can also hack Android too.

This is indeed a big warning for all iOS users, especially iPad and iPhone users, Apple has yet to respond on this matter.


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