iOS 13 Will Automatically Block Unknown Numbers and Spam Calls and Texts

Apple has announced really exciting new features, products, and updates at WWDC 2019, iOS 13 was among them, which is fighting with Spam Calls, Spam Texts.

iOS 13 update earlier this week, Apple has introduced some new privacy centered features, including “Sign in with Apple” as well as “Limited location Tracking”. But among these, the most exciting feature that very few people have noticed during the WWDC keynote was the iOS 13’s ability to fight against spam calls and texts from the numbers you are not familiar with.

iOS 13 will block Spam Calls, Text Messages as well as Unknown Numbers

ios 13 block spam calls unknown numbers

Apple has wrote on its website;

A new feature that iOS 13 has that it will protect users from spam and unknown callers. But this only work if you enable “Block Spam Numbers” in your iOS settings. The latest iOS also utilizes Siri intelligence that allows calls to ring your iPhone from the contacts in your Mail, Messages and personal contacts. All other calls from the numbers which aren’t in your list will be shifted to voicemail automatically.

Apple wrote on iOS13 feature page.

Back in 2018, Apple had introduced the feature that allows a user to report a spam number, including spam messages and calls via a thirst party extension that comes with iOS 12. And after that, the Indian telecom regulator has unveiled a much-awaited app, DND, last November.

Before that Truecaller was announced for iOS users, which is currently helping millions of iOS users to instantly block the spam calls, identifying the caller’s name and place and automatic blocking of all the spammy messages one receives in the cellphone. But, Truecaller was lacking the feature of silencing of calls, which iOS 13 has fulfilled.

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According to YouMail, a bot-call blocking service has told in a blog that people all around the world gets billion of bot calls, even from a single country, US got 4.9 billion spam calls last month. And similarly, the number grows as other countries like Singapore, China, United Kingdom are being included.

With this new and enhanced feature, iOS 13 will be able to make internet more secure and peaceful for the users.

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