GitHub Teams Feature Is Now Free For Every User

GitHub, the well-known software hosting and collaborating platform, recently converted a few of its premium based basic services, GitHub Teams, into free of cost for all the users.

Yesterday, the organization owned by Microsoft, stated that a firm would now be able to create free of cost private repositories for development. So far, if an organization desired to host its own private development at GitHub, they had to opt for one of their premium plans.

These premium plans were starting off from $7 per month. From the previous year, this platform had removed their charges from the private repositories but with few limitations including the collaboration quantities. Besides the Github teams offer, an organization can also enjoy free 2,000 GitHub action minutes each month. The small-scale projects can get more advantage from some of their free tier-based offers.

GitHub Teams pricing

If you wish to use some of their advanced services, for instance, the code owners for having improved project control, you would be required to purchase it at $4 rather than $9. During the Hacker News show in the Q&A session, Nat Friedman (CEO of GitHub) shared that he was planning to bring this change for the last 18 months.

He further added that he was content with the increasing growth in recent years. Due to which, they were able enough to offer their premium services for free to the teams that don’t require enterprise services.

Moreover, they also made it retain their pricing plans of teams for those who require email support and other more features, such as, code owners.

They believe that every developer throughout the world should be able to utilize GitHub when they work. Therefore, they thought it would be great to remove the cost barrier At the moment, GitHub made it achieve more than 40 million developers.


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