Facebook To Launch Cryptocurrency, Facebook Libra in 2021

Facebook Libra Calibra will be a new cryptocurrency, which can be more reliable and trustable than Bitcoin. Facebook has recently launched it to boost global finance.

Facebook takes an edge over Bitcoin by making its own cryptocurrency, which is only accessible after high-security clearance. Facebook has been publically announced it; the New York Times has published an article confirming the report. It is going to be called Facebook Libra Calibra.

It is big news for all the cryptocurrency miners all around the world. People outside and inside who recently talked to the New York Times have told the following things.

Facebook Libra Calibra will be more stable than Bitcoin

Facebook’s own cryptocurrency will be more stable than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Meaning the prices will never fluctuate like bitcoin.

It is created by a highly secret team at Facebook

About 50 engineers worked on this project under high security and the project will soon become available to many.

Facebook Libra can be traded, bought, or sold in the market easily

It means that this coin can be used as the “Real” money, People had trust issues related to Bitcoin as no one knows where is the origin of it, but with Facebook, people have higher trust in the product despite its privacy issues.

Facebook Libra Calibra Launched!

It is finally launched! And this is the image which depicts how future will look like for Facebook Libra Calibra

Facebook Libra Calibra vs bitcoin

Furthermore, Facebook has been crowdfunding 1 billion USD for this project recently.

Facebook Libra Calibra vs Bitcoin

Keeping the price fluctuation of Bitcoin in mind, the Facebook coin is clearly going to win this war if they succeed to stable the price they’re offering.

Seeing the previous trends on Bitcoin, people have started to lose hopes in Bitcoin as they’re vulnerable about the price, which falls within hours, making people lose all their money.

Let’s wait and hope that Facebook comes forward with something more solid, secure and profitable to beat Bitcoin.

What are your views about Facebook Libra Calibra? Let us know in the comment box below!


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