Powerbeats Pro vs AirPods 2 – Which One Is Best?

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Powerbeats Pro is said to be better than AirPods 2, so we will compare these two products and will tell places to buy it at a cheap price.

Since the acquisition by Apple, Beats’ product iteration speed seems to be slowing down. There have been rumors that Apple will completely cut Beats and then launch a series of different types of Apple headphones.

However, after the launch of Powerbeats Pro, the rumors did not break.

Because, like our earlier interview, Beats CEO Luke Wood said the same:

Powerbeats Pro is the first Beats headset that combines all of Apple’s technology and truly achieves the “Apple Standard”

Beats CEO Luke Wood

Powerbeats Pro Review and Unboxing


When you wear Powerbeats Pro, you will feel that this is indeed an innovative product.

In terms of appearance, we have already talked about it in detail in the previous first-time experience, and we will not expand it in detail here.

In a nutshell, the main body of Powerbeats Pro looks like a cut-away version of the previous generation Powerbeats. The appearance is still in-ear design with ear hooks, although the “b” logo is still low-key but still so eye-catching.

powerbeats pro singapore

Although it does not seem to change much, in fact, the body of this pair of headphones has made a lot of improvements. The first is small and light, and the official figures are 13% smaller and 17% smaller.

The weight reduction of the earphones is not obvious on the hand, but it can be clearly felt after the ear. In addition, both the ear hook and the cavity have been redesigned. And all these seemingly inconspicuous changes are actually to improve the comfort of wearing.

powerbeats pro review

Let’s first spit on this charging box. This is one of the designs that I think Beats has done the least.

It is impossible to open a box with one hand like AirPods.

powerbeats pro vs airpods 2

Secondly, this box is too big.

powerbeats pro price

Powerbeats Pro Battery

In fact, Beats is designed for this reason. We have already discussed this issue when we interviewed Beats CEO Luke Wood. He said that to make the box bigger, on the one hand, it can be plugged into a larger battery for better endurance performance; on the other hand, it is actually to make the memory metal material ear hooks not deformed by the compression of the box.

powerbeats pro apple

This can be said to be well-intentioned.

So from a comfort point of view, we really don’t recommend that you put this charging box into your trouser pocket, especially when you wear a pair of jeans or sweatpants. The earphone box is not completely plugged in. The weight is actually good. It won’t fall down your pants, but it will be like a colleague in my trouser pocket. After visiting the afternoon, I will come back and feedback.

Many passers-by will come to you below.

It can be, but it is really unnecessary, or put it in the bag.


After talking about the appearance, let’s talk about the wearing problems that everyone cares about.

This is actually a problem that is difficult to judge between good and bad. Not only does it have a standard that can be quantified, but in a thousand people, there are two thousand different ears (yes, your left and right ears are not completely mirror-symmetrical). So even if the headphones like AirPods are known for their comfort, some people will feel uncomfortable and not suitable for wearing.

To this end, I asked my colleagues in the editorial department to try to wear this earphone. Among them, there are ears with large ears and small ears. Some ears are more fitting and have ears, and the ears look more fleshy and also look delicate. A little weaker.

The evaluation is, of course, various, but the overall trend is still popular. In addition, I also summed up their evaluations with their own perspectives after wearing them for a long time, summed up:

First of all, in sports headphones, Powerbeats Pro’s wearing feel is really good, firm and not licking ears. But if you compare it to AirPods, it still doesn’t have AirPods. The most comfortable place for AirPods is that when you don’t play music, you can’t even feel it on your ear. Powerbeats Pro can’t do it.

powerbeats pro sg

The shape and material of the ear-hook have been improved. You will not feel uncomfortable wearing it for a short period of time (half an hour to an hour), but after a long time, you will begin to feel the pressure on the ear caused by the ear-hook. So this headset can last for up to two hours.

Because of the design of the air vent, there is no problem with the unbalanced ear pressure that is common in in-ear headphones.

Glasses users are actually quite friendly, as long as they are not particularly thick temples, ear hooks and temples can coexist harmoniously.

Powebeats Pro Malaysia

In addition, before deciding to give my colleagues a try, I deliberately did not tell them the correct way to wear. So in fact, many people try to open the ear and then put the earphone directly into the ear, or let the ear-hang on the ear, then smash the earphone into the ear.

Generally, colleagues who wear this way will have the first feeling: “How can it be so uncomfortable to wear?”

In fact, when I went to Hong Kong to experience some time ago, the Beats staff also pointed out how to wear it. The correct method of wearing should be screwed into the ear like the picture below, instead of directly plugging it in. This is not only easier to wear, but also to put this headset “on the spot”, it will feel a lot more comfortable.

powerbeats pro price malaysia

After I taught this method to my colleagues, they basically felt that it would be a lot more comfortable to wear. So if you have purchased this pair of headphones, you can put it in place with patience. Glasses users can also take off the glasses before wearing them. In this case, you will find that there will be a lot of improvement in comfort.

Of course, these can only be used as a reference. Because even if this pair of headphones can fit the 10,000-shaped ear, you may also be the first one, especially for the ear that is sensitive to touch. So I suggest, if you have the conditions, try it out at the Apple Store.

Airpods vs Powerbeats Pro

powerbeats pro android

Is AirPods easy to fall from your ears?

If you ask this question when you just released it two years ago, you may find it easy to fall off. Even at that time, you still have a bunch of AirPods on your treasure to prevent the lanyard from hanging. The headset changes back to the wired headset.

But what if you ask today? I believe the answer is completely different. Indeed, everyone knows that AirPods is not easy to lose. Only AirPods will never give you a solid sense of security. You still need to pay special attention to whether the headphones will be knocked out when you enter the crowded subway.

But for Powerbeats Pro, it’s not just a sense of security, but confidence. This confidence can support you to perform bolder, more stretched movements while exercising. This confidence is the biggest difference between AirPods and Powerbeats Pro, or commuter headsets and sports headphones.

So whether you are running, playing football, playing basketball, or even flipping in a trampoline of 360 degrees, you don’t have to worry about this headset falling.

Another important requirement for a pair of sports headphones is waterproof performance.

The Powerbeats Pro is IPX4 waterproof, which means the headset can withstand splashing from different angles. Foreign media MacRumors has also carried out further waterproofing experiments on this pair of headphones. The results show that Powerbeats Pro is still untouched, whether it is rinsed or soaked for up to 20 minutes.

It is worth noting that the earphone box is not waterproof, so if your headphones are stained with water, be sure to wait until the headphones are fully dry before putting them back into the earphone box, otherwise it will easily cause a short circuit.

In addition, Powerbeats Pro is equipped with physical buttons on both sides of the AirPods than the virtual touch, the sound plus or minus button on the top of the Powerbeats Pro body, and the “b” logo play/pause button to give you water or sweat on your hands. At the same time, you can control music accurately and efficiently.

Powerbeats Pro Specifications vs Airpods Specifications

comparision airpods with powerbets pro
Best Buy

Apple added the same H1 chip on AirPods 2 to the PB Pro. Very convenient connection with iOS, better power management, smarter in-ear detection, I will not introduce more of these familiar features. Compared to the previous W1 chip, the biggest new feature of H1 is the addition of “Hey Siri” support.

In fact, I feel that it is the use of “Hey Siri” in sports when compared to daily commuting. Because in sports, you will really be willing to put down your phone, and the addition of “Hey Siri” will allow you to switch songs, set timers, reply to calls, and let Siri Help you read unread text messages.

In this way, even if you are burying your head and lifting the iron, the first online casino in Macau will be online and you will be able to know for the first time.

Speaking of H1, I remembered how Weibo fans had asked questions about how to use this headset with Andorid phones. In fact, if you use Android, you will only lose the iCloud’s ultra-convenient connection and Hey Siri. The others are basically the same.

But these two signboard functions are not the second biggest selling point of it?

As for the connection stability. If it is a commuter headset, I may not specifically test its connection stability. After all, mobile phones are not going to be the high frequency for most people. But sports headphones are different.

Because during sports, you are likely to put your phone on the side of the court or in the locker. As a result, the connection performance of the headphones will be tested.

We also simulated the above two scenarios. If there is no barrier, the connection range of the earphone can be about 30 meters, and if it is placed in the cabinet, the range will be reduced to about half.

Powerbeats Pro with Apple Music

powerbeats pro apple connect

Of course, the best way to use it is to download the music with Apple Music on the Apple Watch, and then connect it directly to the watch with headphones. In this way, no matter where you go, where the phone is placed, you can ensure that the music is uninterrupted.

Finally in terms of battery life. According to official data, Powerbeats Pro can have 9 hours of music playback time without the charging box, plus the charging box can last up to 24 hours. In our actual test, the gap is not big, and the headset can last for about 8 hours. This kind of achievement, in the real wireless headset, can be said to have quite an advantage.

If AirPods sounds like boiled water, then it is soda

powerbeats pro alternative
Google Images

Compared to the previous Beats, Powerbeats Pro sounds very similar to Beats X. The overall performance of the sound is very balanced but also has sufficient resolution, listening very clear and unambiguous.

However, Powerbeats Pro did not do low-frequency dive, the entire environment lacked parcels, and the sound sounded a bit thin and not full.

Compared to the new AirPods, Powerbeats Pro has more outstanding bass performance. Powerbeats Pro’s drums are compact and accurate and don’t feel loose. But it may be the relationship that I just tried to listen to when I opened the box. The unit didn’t fully enter the state, so it sounded a bit blunt and not flexible enough.

Powerbeats Pro’s vocals are not outstanding, but the clarity and detail reduction performance is good, and some can still hear the vocal details such as “squeaky sound” when the singer sings. However, its details are not too delicate, and the sense of digital and cognac on the sense of hearing is still a little stronger.

In terms of sound, Powerbeats Pro’s sound style is based on clarity. Compared with the previous “moving times” mode, this style is now more in line with the public’s taste, and the adaptation of music is much stronger than the earliest Beats.

Moreover, Powerbeats Pro combines its own advantages in low-frequency processing on a clear basis, making the performance of the headphones more personal.

If the sound of AirPods is boiled, Powerbeats Pro is like a soda with lemon. Soda water tastes and tastes different from boiled water, but the difference is not big.

Comparison with old Beats headphones

The quality of the previous generation of Powerbeats can really be described as bad.

In the last interview with Luke Wood, we also asked him relevant questions. Luke Wood said that they did a lot of work to improve on the new Powerbeats.

In terms of actual experience, the power of Powerbeats Pro is really improved, but it is not doing very well. But at least it can be used. On the side of the road, the slightly noisy environment on the street can finally be normal, but there will be some noise. But if you go to a very noisy environment like a subway station, the other party will still sound a little hard.

Which one is best and you should buy?

powerbeats pro battery life

Before writing this headset, my colleagues and I also discussed whether to compare it with AirPods.

In fact, these are two different types of headphones, one for daily commuting and one for sports.

But when doing the evaluation, we really have a hard time letting go of AirPods. Because there are so many similarities between them, there are too many similarities.

Looking back, you will also find that even though this is a review of Powerbeats Pro, we have inadvertently taken it and AirPods in appearance, comfort, stability, storage, waterproof, connection, sound quality. Even the cover was made a comparison.

We can also make a summary here: AirPods has no doubt in appearance, wearing comfort, storage, and Powerbeats Pro has the advantages of stability, waterproof and battery life; other aspects are not the same.

Isn’t this also in line with their respective positioning? The difference in the use of scenes between them is also reflected in their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Headphones have actually gone through more than 130 years of development. In the development of this hundred years, the functions of the headphones are more and more, the use scenes of the headphones are more and more abundant, and the sound quality is no longer the only one that judges whether a pair of headphones is good or bad.

You may need a very expensive Hi-Fi headset to let you sit on the sofa and enjoy the sweet voice of Teresa after work; you may need a pair of headphones with active noise reduction to counter the noisy external noise in the subway; You may also need a pair of sports headphones that can withstand the wind and rain and can wear them. When you are almost exhausted, you can use the powerful drums to give you the power to “keep it up again.”

That’s why Apple wants to introduce a pair of true wireless headphones that are so close to AirPods. Because it fills in, is the void of AirPods in the field of motion.

So how do you choose between the two, I believe it is also very clear. There is no need for sports, no doubt AirPods is right for you. It’s best to buy both for real sports needs, but if the wallet doesn’t allow you to do so, Powerbeats Pro may cover a wider range of usage scenarios.

Why is it true? Sports needs?

Because there is a friendly reminder at the end, don’t feel that you have bought a sports headset, and you can force yourself to exercise without buying sports equipment. People who come over tell you that this is the same as the “iPad Pro pre-purchase productivity, but after the love of Qiyi”, the third minute of heat is still to eat.

Where to buy in Singapore and Malaysia?

We would suggest you buy it from Amazon SG as they’re giving out the original product with the warranty at an affordable price tag.


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