Apple iPhone 5G Version Will Be Released In 2020

The latest blog from the most famous apple leaker, Ming-Chi Kou has said that Apple iPhone 5G version will be available in 2020. While all iPhone after 2020 will have 5G technology.

This is to be noted that all the iPhone coming after 2020 will have an insanely high price tag like all of them will have the 5G chip. Apple will be using 5G modems by Intel. Apple iPhone 5G will have Qualcomm 5G chip as Apple settles its disputes with Qualcomm recently.

Without a doubt, Qualcomm has currently the best 5G technology for smartphones. Due to the dispute between Apple and Qualcomm, the experts have witness slower connectivity than Androids on iPhones.

Since, this dispute has been settled, after Apple agreeing to pay $4.5 Billion to get Qualcomm as their patent.

As per Kuo’s report, Apple will start building its own 5G chips by the start of 2023. This would create a new competition, helping 5G chips rivals to cut their cost to win the market.

Currently, Apple’s A-bionic chips are the market leaders in the smartphone processor department, so penetration into the 5G market can be a great guess for Apple.

Kuo’s report further confirmed that Apple will be releasing three models, loaded with 5G chips next year. The smaller model will be 5.4 inches long while the bigger one is 6.7 inches long.

iPhone 5G Specs

iphone 5g phone
  • The smaller iPhone 5G will have 5.4 inches of bezel-less screen.
  • The bigger iPhone 5G will have 6.7 inches of baseless screen.
  • All three models will have OLEDs.
  • All models will have 5G chips installed.

Apple iPhone 5G Price

Apple iPhone 5G Price

The price of the iPhone with 5G is unconfirmed as Apple hasn’t made any official statement yet. But the famous Apple leaker, Ming-Chi Kou has confirmed that this variant of iPhone will be the “Most Expensive”

iPhone 5G Availability

iPhone 5G Availability

The availability of iPhone 5G is still unveiled but Apple fans can see it in action in WWDC 2020.


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