Facebook Is Working on own OS called Eye OS to Compete with Android

Facebook plans to discontinue its hard-wares; augmented reality glasses or Oculus, dependency on Google being based on Android Operating System. According to The Information’s Alex Health, for this purpose, they approached the co-author of Windows NT Microsoft, Mark Lucovsky for Eye OS.

Andrew Boz Bosworth, Facebook Hardware’s VP shared that they don’t want to rely on competitors in the case of application space.

Eye OS

Facebook told TechCrunch that their main focus is on their AR glasses. They are looking up for every available option at the moment which includes developing own customized Eye OS or partnering with organizations. This move would make spinning out of its acquisitions difficult, especially on branding with Instagram for AR glasses.

Reporter Vox’s Kurt Wagner said that Facebook had been planning on a hidden project currently named as Oxygen Circa 2013 which would be helpful in distributing Android based applications out of Play Store, when needed.

Investing in technology for tomorrow

Their new hardware initiative will take place having AR/VR team at a new office establishing in Burlingame. TechCrunch further stated that Facebook’s prototype space and testing labs in that office will be initiated for work after the first half of 2020.

This new idea would be their first office to be open for everyone being a public-facing and experiential area with games as an essential step centering on self-branding. It consists of those products which are sold to future initiatives such as; camera glasses and full-fledged AR eyewear.

Social Hardware

We can now have Facebook workplace video calling over a portal with its smart camera that focuses on everyone by auto-zooming people in the board room or the frame. As per the data collected, Facebook is also focusing on prototyping VR video-conference design. It was looked after by Boz in its testing with his teammates.

Do you think Eye OS will be a big hit?


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