Twitter Upgrades Retweet, Retweet with photos, GIF or video

Twitter has finally given a great update to its retweet feature, as now you can add Photos, Gif and videos to your retweets to express your feelings even better.

This feature is now live from today on iOS, Android and Twitter website.

This might seem a minor update, but this will make Twitter receive a greater impact in a positive way on their platform.

As per analytics, users Retweets double the time they tweet on Twitter. So, this update will allow the users to express more than just retweeting a simple tweet.

Twitter has improved a lot since its beginning. Although we do not receive updates from Twitter as frequently as Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat. But, whenever Twitter drops an update it is always a big hit. Similarly, in 2017 Twitter also multiplied their character limit to 280 which create a great impact in tweeting.

Twitter HQ has announced that teams and collaboration have made this feature come true. Because of this feature, the layout will e slightly change keeping better UI/UX in mind. The change will take place on Timelines, accessibility features, and other Twitter clients.

But there are some features which twitter users have been asking for that including “Tweet edit button”


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