George R.R. Martin Confirms 5 Game of Thrones Spinoffs

Game of Thrones spinoffs are coming your way after you wave your last goodbye to a big HBO hit show Game of Thrones. These spinoffs are set years before GoT.

Game of Thrones is going towards an end, we’re just two episodes away from the world’s greatest show to be ended. But HBO and George RR Martin isn’t leaving Westeros yet, as George RR Martin confirms that there will be Game of Thrones Spinoffs after the show ends, he said in a blog.

In 2017, George RR Martin has confirmed that Game of Thrones is going to have five Spinoffs, but in the blog he recently published, he confirmed that out of those five spinoffs, three of them are nicely in the production phase. And HBO will soon release the pilot of any of the unnamed spinoffs. George further said that spinoffs are set years before the events in Game of Thrones happened.

But it seems like HBO is not approving the idea of having many spinoffs for a single series. But Martin says that five out of 3 projects are in the development phase and the filming of two out of five projects is edging closer to release the pilot episodes.

About spinoffs, where are they taking place or what the story will carry, Martin hasn’t disclosed anything about it yet. But he said before you watch these spinoffs, you should get a copy of Fire and Blood, which is basically the histories of Westeros and Targaryens.

This is a piece of exciting news as Game of Thrones fans will be getting a back story of how Westeros was built and what led to the events that happened in Game Of Thrones from Season 1 to Season 8.

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