Top Instagram Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

If you’re looking for Instagram trends to target the right people. This article will help you find trends on Instagram, Instagram trends hashtags and top Instagram trends for 2022.

The success of your business using Instagram means a hell lot of things you need to know about in this age of digital marketing and social media. According to an article published on Huffington Post, the competition being cut-throat, only posting content and using hashtags will not take you far.

If you are serious about Instagram and use it to your business benefits, you need to gain more likes and followers. Whether you want to try influencer-marketing tactics or want to reap the benefits of Instagram as your social media strategy, learn about the right tools and Instagram trends. There is no shortcut to the process. You need to take some time out of your busy schedule and learn how the tools work for taking your marketing efforts to the next level.

The trends can make or break your social strategy depending on how you use them. Stay tuned with the latest trends to stay on top like the big brands out there. Make the most out of the new features as well as beta tools to stand out against your competitors. Research on what your top competitors are doing. Take inspiration and figure out where you are going right and where wrong when it comes to your Instagram marketing for your business.

Therefore, to build a rock-solid Instagram presence for your business and products, here are the top trends to watch out for in 2022:

More focus on stories and less on posts

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Did you know that Instagram stories have taken the world of social media by storm with over 500 million viewers daily? It is quite an impressive figure. Based on the findings of Instagram research, stories have become a popular tool through which users keep a tab on their family and friends. It involves the products they are using, which restaurants they visit, and what services they use. On the contrary, your Instagram posts are solely about high-definition content and their discovery. We are not saying that these are not important but not so much compared to Instagram stories.

Today, chronological feed is waning and therefore, reinforcing the concept of stories on this photo-sharing platform is essential. Most of the Instagram users keep an eye on the feeds to discover new products and information, including those of brands.

It is good news for brands but regular visitors find it hard to visualize their content in the muddle up. Therefore, you must focus on stories instead of feeds, which are sharable enough to drive better engagement than ever.

Augmented reality story filters

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The best way to promote content on Instagram in 2022 is via interactive content. Did you know that the photo-sharing site has now designed a closed beta program to let third parties develop their individual augmented reality (AR) for the stories on Instagram? Your Instagram followers can spread your brand awareness with the use and sharing of your brand’s custom filters.

Since the photo-sharing social media site lets third parties develop their custom AR filters, you can make the most out of an awesome new tool for promoting your brand on Instagram. It will help you gain more followers for Instagram with time and effort.

Audio in Instagram stories

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Although it is relevant even today to design for soundless settings, a new Facebook and Instagram study shows that visitors love music and voiceover. Studies proved that 80 percent of Instagram stories that have a voiceover or music perform much better than ads without any sound. Did you know that 60 percent of Instagram stories are seen with the sound on? Therefore, turn up the volume on the social media platform when posting stories. We expect more sound and voiceovers on the image-sharing platform this year as well as in the future.

Shopping directly on the platform

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Even some time ago, if your customers wanted to buy your merchandise using Instagram help, they would see your ad and click on a link to make the purchase from your website. However, today, things have changed significantly. Yes, there are many things in heaven and earth when it comes to Instagram’s new shopping feature. In 2022, your visitors can shop right away from Instagram that will eventually transform them into your followers and loyal customers. In such a situation, they will more likely to purchase from your brand.

This trend will evolve more in 2022 and in the future. When it comes to Gen Z or the millennials, they want to shop with ease and convenience. Instagram does just that for its consumers. The educated and employed generation of today wants to shop from the platforms they frequently use. These include Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Making the most of Instagram’s growth tools

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No matter what social media tactics you use, the successful players are those who leverage the growth tools to earn more likes, followers for Instagram, and other ways to boost user engagement.

There are many tools to improve your Instagram fan following that help you gain genuine and targeted followers or customers. It means you connect with real consumers who are genuinely interested in your products. Else, just gaining loads of followers with no interest in your brand or products will not help you in the days to come. It is traffic, leads, conversions, sales, and profits that matter for your business. Therefore, make the most of the growth tools to improve your sales and revenues.

The popularity of the explore tab

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Did you know over 200 million Instagram users check out the Explore tab daily? And this number is going to increase in the days to come. The feed’s navigation bar includes shortcuts to Shop and IGTV. The users can learn more about their niche interests like travel, art, beauty, food, health, design, interior décor, gardening, and so on. Even if Instagrammers are perplexed in numerous stories, they can now automatically view the Explore feed.


However, this is not a comprehensive list, as there are more trends to come in the future. Study these developments to grow your business, improve fan following, and product sales. 

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