The New Snapchat 3D Selfie Feature Is Live For Users

Snapchat has launched new Snapchat 3D Selfie feature for all of its users all around the world, giving more details to your snaps.

Snapchat reshaped the application market with a new twist, but after releasing couple of good features, it vanished. For few months, we haven’t get anything new about this photo filter as of now.

After an extensive time, the company has propelled a new feature that will help users take Snapchat 3D Selfie of yours. It is great news for selfie takers precisely who will be able to make their 3D portrait now.

This news was broadcasted tomorrow, and the app shown to its operators that shortly all users will be capable to send and receive photos captured in 3D camera mode.

In 3D photos tool, Snapchat adds deepness to the photos and allowing superimpose frame, accessories in different depths of photos and captions. The images look altered to users as they move the camera accordingly.

Snapchat 3D Selfie Feature

The outcome are similar to supersaturated VR. The great thing about this new feature is that snapchat users will be able to move their phones, from one place to another, allowing users to explore the photos from different angles.

The snippet of the New Snapchat 3D Selfie Camera Feature:

Once you get the 3D photos, there is something disappointing news. Only iPhone users with 3D photo capability can use this feature. While all the other people own the phone that doesn’t support 3D photos can simply look at them but cannot take them. Because iPhone X is the first ever smartphone having a true depth front-facing camera.


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