Instagram Launches Quiz Stickers For Instagram Stories

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After a lot of testing, Instagram finally launches its new Instagram Quiz stickers for Stories. Allowing you to create Buzzfeed like a quiz in Instagram stories.

instagram quiz stickers
Matt Navarra/Instagram

As you can spot in this information image (Shared with us by Matt Navarra, a social media expert), these new Quiz Stickers will generate more engagement with the stories people create. This feature will be more feedback and audience in an interactive way.

Same options are already available on other tools, but as the Stories are getting more popular for users and brands, brands are spotting more way to formulate a better strategy to approach the general audience and create something more engaging to give their businesses a win-win situation. But, no doubt, Instagram Quiz Stickers will bring more engagement as it is a productive initiative.

Instagram already had poll engagement but these quiz stickers option is completely different yet similar. But it is more fun and engaging. And will drive more engagement which can lead to getting sales. This new feature will be able to help companies create interactive ads on Instagram Stories to target their audience differently and test their ads before running huge campaigns.

There are a lot of ways which can be profitable. You can use it to gather leaders for examples getting “Email form” or “swipe up” feature at the end of the Quiz.

You can learn more about Instagram Quiz Stickers here.


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