These 36 Countries Are Getting Spotify Lite App Soon

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Spotify Lite is set to release in 36 countries for iOS and Android users. It is a 10mb version of Spotify which will take a little space on your phone.

Spotify has just announced a newer version of the app called Spotify Lite designed to work effectively on low-end devices and to save on mobile data.

The app is less than 10MB and will be able to stream the “basic” quality music to save on your Mobile data. The company has said that the app will take 0.5MB per song on average. While, users can listen to the songs at a higher quality as well, but that will take more data than basic streams.

The User Interface (UI) is similar to the main app, but Spotify lite is designed to save on your Mobile data as you enjoy the music as well as, you can also set a data limit so the app can notify you if you’re utilizing data above the limit.

There is another difference, the new app interface will show playlists and saved songs in another section called Favorites.

If your android or ios runs a standard Spotify application, then there is no need to switch unless you want to save your data being used for Music streaming. And just in case if you have lower storage in your phone, then this new app will work like a charm for you.

Spotify Lite Interface

List of 36 Countries getting Spotify Lite

  1. India
  2. Malaysia
  3. Vietnam
  4. Philippines
  5. Indonesia
  6. South Africa
  7. Qatar
  8. Kuwait
  9. UAE
  10. Bahrain
  11. Morocco
  12. Tunisia
  13. Oman
  14. Jordan
  15. Uruguay
  16. Saudi Arabia
  17. Egypt
  18. Algeria
  19. Lebanon
  20. Honduras
  21. Nicaragua
  22. Panama
  23. Paraguay
  24. Bolivia
  25. Costa Rica
  26. Dominican Republic
  27. Brazil
  28. Canada
  29. Mexico
  30. Argentina
  31. Peru
  32. Chile
  33. Colombia
  34. Ecuador
  35. El Salvador
  36. Guatemala

If you live in these countries, feel free to download the app!

Where to download Spotify Lite APK

You can find the APK for Spotify Lite from APK Pure, Downloading APK from an external source can be harmful to your smartphone. But it is also a good way to try the app in the countries where Spotify Lite hasn’t been launched yet.


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