Top 10 Apps Like Whisper (Editor’s Choice!)

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Looking for apps like Whisper to share the things that have been going on in your mind? Here are our top picks for the apps!

1. Yik Yak

Yik Yak is among the most famous anonymous social networks around. This app allows you to see posts from other users within a ten-mile radius.

The app lets you interact with other users’ content by leaving a comment and “upvoting” other’ posts, letting the best posts reach a wider audience. Users can go through the trending and the popular posts in major cities using the “Peek” feature, though this might not be for everyone.

Yik Yak is generally a pretty busy network and makes for an ideal substitute for an app like Whisper.

2. After School

The kids these days are being increasingly exposed to malicious anonymous apps. So it made absolute sense to create an app exclusively for them, where they can put up posts in a safe space, away from the harmful and toxic elements related to social media.

After School allows curious school-going kids to post directly to a dedicated school message board anonymously. The app has a zero-tolerance policy against cyberbullying and this makes it a pretty safe way for kids to utilize their social skills in an anonymous manner.


HOLLA is a live video chat app that lets users connect with strangers from different parts of the world. It boasts 30M users from close to 200 countries, letting you not only socialize with other people but also giving you a chance to learn about different cultures. You can make use of free voice chat, video chat, and text chat to make a friend from anywhere on Earth.

This app is mobile-friendly and full of surprises. When you are on HOLLA, you will not know who you will meet virtually next. It is a great way to let yourself talk to new people and share your interests. Thanks to the real-time translation that works great for text chat don’t worry about the language barrier.

HOLLA allows a safe environment to chat with strangers. Your screen is blurred until the other user’s face is revealed. The platform has a 24/7 moderation system so you can interact with people from various parts of the world without any issue.

4. is a chatting app that has been developed for both android and iOS users by C2M. It lets you chat with and meet new people from around the world who share similar interests like yours. It is a free and easy-to-use app to find new friends or even a date. The unique option to shuffle online users lets you share secrets, confessions or even gossip with other users from different parts of the world. is centered around asking questions anonymously, like many other apps we have put up here. Once your profile has been created, you can give out your link to anyone, and they can chat with you using a username that hides their identity. lets you chat with other users under the cloak of anonymity as well as follow people you want to.

5. Curious Cat

CuriousCat is an anonymous Q&A social networking site. Using this platform, you can share your profile with others and ask or answer questions without revealing your identity.

After you log in with your Twitter or Facebook account, you can use the app anonymously. CuriousCat offers the Party function which is a group chat mechanic that deletes messages after 72 hours have passed.

6. Anonymous Chat Rooms

Anonymous chat rooms are amazing anonymous chat apps developed by AntiChat, Inc for Android and iOS users. It allows you to chat anonymously with cool chat rooms, online dating, and other options. You can easily use this app without registration and express your secret identity in anonymous chat rooms. It provides an opportunity to chat and meet with unknown people worldwide by changing your location using fake GPS apps.

Anonymous Chat Rooms is an adult social platform to date people nearby or meet strangers. You can chat anonymously without worrying about your identity because the app is designed in such a way to protect your privacy and security.

This app comes packed with powerful features like self-destructing messages to ensure your convenience in expressing your true identity. With this feature, it is not possible for anyone, including the developer itself, to find out what you are talking about on the platform.

This application has millions of active users from all over the world. Once you join, you can easily connect to the vast community and share thoughts, advice, or interests. Best of all, this free app is safe for everyone, thanks to an automatic filter that blocks bullying and trolling.

7. ASKfm

ASKfm could be the best Whisper alternative that you should not be missing out on. You can ask any question and start chatting, either anonymously or openly, that is totally your call. Once you send a question, it will appear for the public, and anyone can join the chat. If you are okay with it, keep the chat going on.

More than 40 million users have been using this platform. Much like Whisper, you can find strangers nearby and start posing questions at them. The best part of this app is finding unique, surprising, honest replies from users.

Now, you can connect with others while also collecting coins from your secrets. These coins can be used on special offers available at the ASKfm market.

8. Sango

Sango is a cool voice chat app that helps to enhance your social life. For example, if you are in quarantine, you can stay connected to people around you or strangers in other parts of the world. You can share anything from interests to current events, or anything that makes you happy.

Create your voice room or join others’ voice rooms. You can also send virtual gifts to express your appreciation to other users on this platform.

9. Meet Me

Meet Me initially started as a dating app, but it became increasingly famous as an anonymous chat app. Users can make friends or chat with random people on the internet.

Apart from meeting amazing new people, there are features such as counting profile views that you receive, the number of admirers you have, and the gifts you have received. With a user base of more than 100 million people, you are bound to find some interesting people on this app.

10. Ablo

Getting connected to new people has been made so much easier with Ablo. This is an awesome tool to make new friends, learn about various cultures, and meet strangers from different parts of the world. An intuitive and user-friendly interface makes for a strong reason why this app is worth giving a chance.

Ablo is also powered with easy-to-use features such as a translator and a live video option. The translator helps build effective communication, although you use your own language. Meanwhile, live video allows you to stream and share moments or interests with other users on the app.

This is our list as per the latest trending secrets app on the web. Did we miss out on your favorite app? Let us know in the comments below!


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