Xiaomi Launches Solar Panel Smartphone That Charges From Sunlight

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The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is trying to innovate in smartphones as we had seen with the first fingerprint sensor under the screen and, more recently, a photosensor also under the screen.

Today, we learn that the brand is working on a smartphone concept of solar panel smartphone incorporating mini solar panels to ensure maximum autonomy. We are far from the Black Shark 2 which takes the concept of the Nintendo Switch.


The patent, which was discovered by Let’s Go Digital at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), refers to a smartphone with a charging system powered by solar energy that would be installed on the back of the device. Do not expect high performance in terms of charging because of the surface, but it would extend the autonomy of the mobile.

In addition, the time of exposure to the sun should be long enough to be able to recharge 100% the battery. In the drawings of the patent, it can also be seen that there is no notch or location for the front camera.

Xiaomi Launches Solar Panel Smartphone That Charges From Sunlight

This is not the first time a smartphone is equipped with a solar panel, the manufacturer Caviar had launched an iPhone X called Tesla at a price of US$4500 sold only 999 copies worldwide.

Be careful, it is not because Xiaomi has filed a patent to design this type of smartphone that it will necessarily come out someday.

Xiaomi recently launched Mi Gaming Laptop for 2019 as well as a Xiaomi Redmi Car.


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