Pegasus Software: What is it? Price and Download

Pegasus software is spyware developed by NSO Group, an Israeli technology firm. The spyware can be used to spy on smartphones, including Android as well as iOS.

The company that developed the Pegasus software provides the governments that can help them combat crime and terror around the world. The name meaning of Pegasus is based on the mythical winged horse, which is a trojan horse that infects phones by flying through the air.

What does Pegasus Software do?

Pegasus software is installed into iOS and Android. The spyware read text messages, emails, tracks calls and location, secretly store the password, and harvests data from the apps used in the smartphone.

Pegasus Spyware Price

Pegasus spyware costs $500,000. NSO Group is charging a hefty group that allows people to install spyware into smartphones.

While for government agencies, NSO will charge $650,000 to spy on 10 smartphones (it can be Android or iOS smartphones).

$500,000 for Blackberry and $300,000 for Symbian users.

Pegasus Software Download and How to Install?

There is no way you can download or install without paying the hefty price to the NSO group. There are no cracked copies of the software that a person can use to install it. However, this product is designed specifically for intelligence agencies and big companies to spy on the devices, and it is the NSO who will install it on the phones.

How To Protect Yourself From Pegasus Spyware?

Currently, there are no ways you can skip it. The claims of iOS being the “most secure” have been left in doubt after iPhones of influential personalities around the world have been hacked. Currently, you can use any premium anti-spyware software to fight pegasus software.

Anti-Malware softwares have been updating its database to combat this software.

How are you protecting yourself from this spyware? Let us know in the comments below.


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