What is a Sigma Male? How to become one? (with Definition and Meaning)

The word Sigma male is trending on social media these days. What does it mean, and who is it? We will find that out in this article.

First, let’s answer who that person is;

What is a Sigma Male?

what is a sigma male

Sigma is a personality type, an informal word that people would use to describe a highly successful but independent man. In other words, you can call a lone wolf (a person who lives alone or live alone) a Sigma man.

Sigma Male Definition

Sigma Male Definition

According to the general definition, the term is used to describe a strong man, able to take care of himself, and is self-sufficient.

How To Be a Sigma Male?

How To Be a Sigma Male

Being one isn’t easy, but these are the traits that your personality should have to become a sigma man;

  1. You enjoy your own company and like to be alone.
  2. You would prefer constructive thinking.
  3. You think by keeping every perspective in mind.
  4. You dislike authority,
  5. You prefer to stay silent.
  6. You try to keep your views to yourself if another person is not very understanding.

Becoming one is neither tough nor easy. It has a lot to do with your own personality. The majority of people are born with these traits, but someone who isn’t born with this would struggle to reach the level of a person who fits the traits we discussed above.

What Is The REAL Sigma Male Meaning?

what is the real sigma male meaning

Many people link living alone or thinking about oneself as “Selfishness” which is wrong. Taking care of oneself and being independent isn’t something bad. In fact, it is a healthy habit to keep one in check (obviously, doing this excessively would be bad).

In addition to this, according to the sigma rule, the person would respect everyone’s sentiments but would also care for himself without judging anything or anyone.


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