Kids Can Track Parents Live Location By Asking Google Assistant

Google has announced a new feature that will allow your kids to track parents by asking Google Assistant where they are if they’re on their phones, smartwatch, or any GPS technology.

Your Kids can track you!

Google has finally updated Google Assistant with some new family-oriented features. One is to find out where your family is.

Google Assistant to Track Parent’s Live Location

“Hey Google, where’s my family?” or you can say, “Hey Google, Where is my Brother/Mother/Father?” and Google will show you their last live location through google maps.

But to enable this feature, you will have to list your accounts and your children’s accounts on Google Family account. Without adding yourself to your Google Family account, they will not be able to track your location. And the user has to enable the location sharing feature even after adding themselves explicitly.

It is a great feature, but the parents might feel reluctant to give their kids their latest location. But it could be a great safety thing, so the kids never lose track of their parents, even in shopping malls or whenever you’re visiting any foreign country.

If some family member isn’t answering your calls or is away without any point of contact, this feature can be a great help.


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