Nokia T20 Tablet: Review, Price, Specifications, Release Date

2020 was an outstanding year for the tablet market. The needs dictated by the pandemic emergency, with a strong push towards digitalization, have increased the demand for cheap and flexible devices with which to access the internet and perform light productivity tasks.

Therefore, it is not so surprising that HMD Global has thought, in a similar context, to return to the market with a Nokia-branded tablet. According to what emerges from the online store of a British retailer, in fact, Nokia T20 would be arriving in two different configurations: one the only Wi-FI connectivity, and the one that will instead also integrate a 4G antenna.

Nokia t20 1

That it will be a tablet is not only suggested by the terminology (the “T” series seems particularly adequate), but also and above all the diagonal of the screen, which apparently will be 10.36 inches: it is okay that we live in the era of “frying pans”, but we are far beyond the borders of smartphones.

Nokia T20 Tablet Specifications

  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64

As for the hardware, the only information we have has to do with the memories, that is, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. The last data we have is the price: the cheapest model is associated with the cost of 185 pounds, or about 217 euros, while the 4G one is positioned a little higher with 202 pounds, the equivalent of 237 euros.

Nokia T20 back

At the moment, there is nothing confirmed, of course, but it is worth starting to keep track of this possibility. For Nokia, it would not be a first time ever in the tablet market: it had already tried to carve out a space in the past with the Lumia 2520, launched in 2013 and based on Windows RT, and then two years later in 2015 with an Android device, or the Nokia N1.

For six years now, however, she had retired from the sector: and now it seems that she has decided to return to the office with a cheap product.

Nokia T20 Price

USD 260


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