GameSir G7 Wired Controller for Xbox & PC: Review

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With the launch of the GameSir G7, Xbox and PC gamers have found a pretty good replacement for the Xbox Series X/S controller. This Microsoft-approved gadget comes with various customization options, high-quality components, and highly responsive buttons. Let’s take a look at what this refined gaming controller offers. 

Gamesir G7 Review

GameSir x7 is an excellent product! We highly recommend this product. The connection is seamless with Xbox as well as on PC. The wire is long enough for a person to sit back and enjoy the game. You no longer need to spend so much on batteries to play games.

It also supports the same functions as an official Xbox controller. Additionally, the M1 and M2 buttons at the back of this controller make your gaming much more accurate.


  • Customizable plug-and-play
  • Quality components
  • Innovative design
  • Paint-friendly faceplates
  • Hall Effect analog triggers with vibration
  • Tactile microswitches
  • Expanded customization via GameSir Nexus


  • Not wireless: you have to sit near the console to play
  • Only compatible with Xbox and PC consoles
  • No batteries


Highly recommended!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5 Rating

What’s in the box?

gamesir x7 controller box

The perfectly packaged box has the following contents:

  • Controller
  • Swappable White Face Plate
  • Stickers
  • Certification
  • Manual
  • 3m Long Wired Cable
  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Code

Innovative Design

At first glance, the GameSir G7 controller may resemble the Xbox Series X/S controller a lot. It has a similar D-pad and button placement, along with an identical Xbox button on the top. The only distinct feature is the matte black color of the controller as opposed to the pearly white of X/S controllers. 

gamesir x7 controller

Having said that, the body of the controller ensures a perfect grip through curved hand grips at the sides. The grips are textured at the back for optimal friction so your hands don’t slip during gameplay. It has a durable frame and the controller is thinner in the middle to balance the weight perfectly. This gives you a solid controller that doesn’t feel heavy while you play. 

Buttons, D-Pad, and Controls

While most buttons and controls in the GameSir G7 controller are inspired by the Xbox X/S controllers, you will notice several differences in their design and placement that give GameSir G7 an edge over the others. It has a simple 4-way, cross D-pad instead of the hybrid 8-way D-pad of the Xbox controllers. 

back side of gamesir x7 controller

The A, B, X, and Y buttons are the same, but with a softer and more responsive touch. The most impressive controls are the joysticks. They have been programmed to be precise and correct any minor deviation in movement during gameplay. The direction of the joysticks is quite accurate and will land your player exactly where you aim. 

Besides that, you’ll find the basic Xbox buttons in the middle. These include a menu button, a back button, a screenshot button, and an Xbox button. There’s also a mode button at the bottom of the controller that can be used to perform a variety of functions. The screenshot button is a pleasant improvement in the controller, as this feature hasn’t been available in previous Xbox controllers. Generally, taking a screenshot would require a longer process, the need for which has been eliminated with this dedicated button. 

The triggers use the Hall Effect technology which makes the trigger movement really smooth. The movement is also variable and responds to your pulling force. If you pull them farther, they will respond more quickly. There’s an extra set of buttons near the grips that you can customize to your liking and map to any function you want. 

Customizable Face Plates

The primary appeal of this controller is the option to choose from the given face plates to customize your controller. These face plates come in the black and white matte polish that doesn’t collect dust or fingerprints.

gamesir x7 face plates

These face plates are paint-friendly and can be painted if you don’t like the default white or black colors. You can get GameSir to paint the face plates for you or you can design them on your own. However, once painted or customized, the color does not come off. 

Both face plates are magnetic therefore removing a faceplate or putting on a new one is quite easy. The magnets swiftly pull the face plates in place, giving you a nice and clean look in a matter of seconds.

Customization via GameSir Nexus

Besides the physical customization, the GameSir G7 controller gives you complete control to customize its controls and buttons so you can get a seamless gaming experience no matter which game you play.

Using the GameSir Nexus software on your PC, you can customize controller layouts and map the buttons to functions as per your liking to create the perfect gameplay experience for yourself.

This is also useful for games where remapping is not an option. The GameSir Nexus software is easily available and free to download. 

GameSir G7 vs Microsoft Xbox Controllers

GameSir G7 has impressively kept up with the evolving Xbox controller designs. It mirrored the perfect controller size of an Xbox controller that can be used by kids and adults alike, without too much trouble. It also incorporated the share button of the Xbox controllers that allows players to take screenshots quickly.

This feature is an upgrade for Microsoft and GameSir both, as previous controllers required lengthier processes for taking screenshots. 

GameSir also included the textured hand grips of Microsoft controllers for a strong and non-slip grip over the controller while playing. The smooth, matte look of the buttons gives the controller a smart look, just like any Xbox controller. The retention of most of these unique features along with the high-responsiveness and low-latency of the controller, justify the Microsoft approval that GameSir G7 proudly flaunts. 

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Code

The perks don’t just end here. The GameSir G7 controller comes with a 1-month free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Code so that users can enjoy a whole month of free subscription to the best Xbox games out there.

gamesir codes and stickers

That can serve as a free trial for any games you may have wanted to try before. With more than a hundred games to choose from, you can easily download your favorites to your console any time within the month. 

Where can you find GameSir G7 controller?

You can find the GameSir G7 Customizable Controller at Amazon for just $37. G7 is an excellent gadget for gameplay with its high-class features, ultra-fast speed, and customization options for hardware and software. The only shortcoming is the dependency on a wired connection due to a lack of rechargeable batteries within the controller. But the low-latency performance and high-quality triggers and sensors outshine any limitations.


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