Best Fencing Companies In The UK 2023

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Fencing is a great way to enhance the aesthetics of a property. There is a variety of Fencing companies to choose from.

Do you want to go for concrete fencing or timber posts? Plain or electric fencing? Or do you want to add a gate or paneling to your fence/posts? Is aesthetics important to you over privacy or vice versa?

Whatever the case, chalk out your needs and pick the style that suits your vision before the contractor starts their job. We have listed 10 of the UK’s best fencing companies to help you reach a concrete plan.

1. Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing

Jacksons Fencing is a well-respected business offering a wide and diverse range of products ranging from timber garden fencing to gates and vertical railing. It meshes fencing systems, high-security perimeter protection products, and noise reduction barriers.

2. Portcullis Electric Gates

Portcullis Electric Gates UK
Portcullis Electric Gates

This proficient company deals in manufacturing, installing, and maintaining electric gates for a wide range of private and commercial properties.

3. Stark and Greensmith

Stark and Greensmith
Pro Landscaper

They specialize in laser-cut fence panels and supporting products for all commercial, public and private properties. The panels can be powder-coated aluminum or corten steel, whereas the fence posts are aluminum-based. The materials are durable and can be recycled.

4. Premier Acoustic Fencing

Premier Acoustic Fencing

They deal with acoustic fencing and standard garden fencing and gates for all commercial and residential requirements. The fencing has a durable life span and is well-protected against rot and insect attack.

5. The Contemporary Fencing Company

The Contemporary Fencing Company

The local craftsmen at Whitstable workshop craft quality horizontal slatted cedar fencing from sustainable sources. The company offers a range of standard slatted fence panels as well as wooden panels.

6. Gates and Fences UK

Gates and Fences UK

This is the largest company of custom-made, wooden, and wrought iron gate makers in the United Kingdom. They forge gates by hand utilizing traditional, age-worn procedures. Two large factories based in South Devon manufacture and supply to all of UK.

7. W L West and Sons Ltd

W L West and Sons Ltd

Under the trading name of PRO Fencing, this family-owned business supplies and installs fencing of all types, including Bespoke gates.

8. Gatekraft


They specialize in the design, supply, and installation of bespoke automated vehicular access gates. The gates are tailored to suit the design and architecture of the property. They also offer maintenance to ensure compliance with the latest safety legislation.


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