Top 10 Best Copywriting Services To Get The Content At Affordable Price

With the digital businesses thriving post-pandemic, copywriting services have become more of a necessity to outshine your competition.

A good website relies heavily on the copywriter’s ability to make it as peculiar as possible to engage your audience effectively. If you are on the lookout for a specific service, Digital Phablet has got you covered!

Why Hire Copywriting Services?

If you are wondering why you need optimum copywriting services, let us enlighten you with these key benefits:

  • Copywriting services save you the hassle and time in either writing a copy by own self, or by hiring and managing a team of copywriters. You can simply explain what you need to the copywriting service provider and let them do the creative work for you.
  • Professional Copywriting agencies provide you with optimized content that ranks better among the competition, which is definitely a step-up from having to write content by your own self which is not optimized.
  • Copywriting services help enhance your strategic decisions by offering recommendations based in the current market trends.

Now that we have established why you may need to hire professional copywriting services let us introduce you to copywriting service providers with some of the best available services all over.

1. Copywrite Lab

Copywrite Lab understands that today’s customers engage with content that is innovative and simple and has a cleaner UI. That is why they provide high-quality SEO copywriting ideal for individual entrepreneurs, just as it is ideal for established brands looking to improve their business. They offer the most affordable rates on the internet, having a large team of professional writers.

2. Copify

Hire Copify if you are looking for an easy copywriting service as they have a simple ordering system. They have Standard and Professional copywriters available at different rates. While they do come up with a draft within 48 hours, you can not be ensured the same writer twice; hence the quality is not consistent.

3. Upwork

Upwork has tens of thousands of freelancers to choose from that come with variable rates and reviews. While you can vet a freelance copywriter, online reviews show that managing projects on time become a tedious task as individuals work with their own pace and delivery timelines.

4. ContentWriters

They have US-based content writers who are vetted by the company itself, saving you the time and energy to do it yourself. Copywriting services come with unlimited reviews, and customers pay flat rates for the project. While you may get in touch with a copywriter that provides ideal services, Copywriters do not ensure you will get to work with them on future projects.

5. WriterAccess

WriterAccess has excellent customer service and offers transparent pricing. You have to pay writer per word, but the platform also charges extra fees, so budget your project accordingly. There is quite a range of writers you can pick from their easy-to-use website.

6. Writing Studio

Writing Studio covers a few selected industries like CBD, Medical, and Fitness. While that may look like to be a downside, they make up for it by their team of 300+ highly professional copywriters who provide SEO-optimized content for blog posts, articles, press releases, web copy, etc.

7. Brafton

Brafton is a one-stop-shop for all of your business’s content marketing needs. They offer customized pricing for your project, and their professional copywriters help you promote your content online. Brafton provides multiple types of content like e-books, white papers, email newsletters, and much more. For US businesses, customers can utilize their in-office and online services.

8. Scripted

Scripted has a very strict vetting process that ensures you receive high-quality content with a wide range of tools to manage the whole project directly from the website. Although Scripted does come with membership fees, you get to pay only when you are completely satisfied with the product.

9. Fiverr

Fiverr is a feature-rich website with all the tools required to hire freelancers, manage your project and then pay for it. You can manage your projects directly at the platform without engaging multiple project managers. All payments are secure, and you can handle disputes well if they ever arise.

10. Verblio

Verblio provides effective professional copywriting services at cheaper rates at fixed monthly prices. This comes as a better economical option than hiring an in-house team for copywriting needs.

What services does a copywriter offer? What do they actually do?

A copywriter creates unique and engaging pieces of content be it articles, blogs, newsletters, emails, or any other required copy.

How much do copywriting services cost?

Depending on the quality of content and the time you need your content in, copywriting services range from $8 up to $20 per page.


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