What is PolkaWar? And how can you sell NFTs by playing it?

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A new era of blockchain-based gaming platforms has emerged and PolkaWar is one of them.

PolkaWar is a blockchain-based decentralized NFT gaming platform plus marketplace. The creation of this game has been inspired by the NFT subfield and it is expected to create an attractive fighting game world. PolkaWar is going to synergize crypto NFT and gaming narratives and build a lucrative platform.

In the game Polkawar, players will be able to build a character and equip them with weapons to battle against other players on multiple levels, take on quests, and trade items in the Marketplace. Some of the items will even be redeemed for real-world objects.

What are the PolkaWar Characters?

There are three main types of characters that will feature in PolkaWar.

1. Warrior

The Warrior has high strength and is the most powerful character in PolkaWar.

Weapons of Choice: Sword, Big Knife, Tessen

2. Magician

The magician has mysterious magic, supernatural tricks and he inherits the power of evil darkness.

Weapons of Choice: Magic Vase & Sceptre

3. Archer

The archer has a fast attack speed and has angelic beauty.

Weapons of Choice: Bow & Arrow, Gun

What are some of the Game Items?

Players can use the following items and customize their players according to the battle they are about to engage in:

  • Sword
  • Big Knife
  • Tessen
  • Bow & Arrow
  • Gun
  • Septre
  • Magic Vase
  • Armour
  • Helmet
  • Wing
  • Mount

How many modules does Polkawar have?

PolkaWar has 3 main modules which are explained below:

  • PolkaWar Realm,
  • PolkaWar Marketplace and
  • PolkaWar Logistics

1. PolkaWar Realm

The fighting game is based on NFT. Create or customize your own characters, join in battles for fun while earning more profits. There will be two arenas of the gameplay: Individual and Team. There will be a mission and rewards system for every level that a player will reach.

2. PolkaWar Marketplace

Players will be able to buy, sell or bid equipment or weapons for their characters. Funds can be acquired by players by selling their stash of upgraded equipment and weapons as they level up in the game, and they will be in the native PWAR token.

3. PolkaWar Logistics

Logistics is a solution that comes in handy for those who want to own NFT in the real world. Logistics allow the conversion of all the NFT items (equipment and weapons) to physical, real-world tangible items. With their Logistics system, PolkaWar aims to ship the product directly to the buyer’s address. This new feature seems novel and an extremely attractive feature in the NFT marketplace.

What are the uses of Token in PolkaWar?

Play to earn

WAR tokens can be earned by players as they participate in in-game battles.

Purchase & Renting Fee

Equipment can be leased at the marketplace and users can earn by trading them.

Staking rewards

PWAR tokens can be staked to earn more tokens and gems that level up different equipment.

Marketplace fee

Paid for goods and services at the NFT marketplace.

Farming rewards

Locking LP tokens will earn more profits to the liquidity providers.


Token holders will be able to affect the decentralized governance process.

What are Polkawar’s Tokenomics & Locking?

Unlocking Schedule:

  • Advisor & Strategic Locked 3 months, 5% monthly vesting for 20 months
  • Private Sale 10% TGE, 10% monthly for 9 months
  • Foundation 20% at every 6 month
  • Marketing 5% monthly vesting for 20 months
  • In game mining & Platform staking 5% monthly vesting for 20 months

Where to Buy PWAR Tokens From?

PWAR token is available at the Binance mainnet. PWAR’s token address 0x16153214e683018d5aa318864c8e692b66e16778. As with all online transactions, we advise you to be extra cautious while making purchases of any kind. Make sure you use the right token address as dubious contracts do exist online. Be vigilant and stay safe at the launch and avoid letting excitement get the best of you or your assets.

Where is PolkaWar headquarters located?

They are located in Singapore.

Who is PolkaWar’s CEO?

Jackson Mohar.


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