Adobe Brings Photoshop and Illustrator to Web Browser

Photoshop to feature a “prepare as NFT” beta option in the update rolling out late in the month.

Although not all features as the Desktop version, will be available to the web version, it is still pretty wild to think complex software like Photoshop and Illustrator will be running on the browser.

Talk about new horizons, yeah? The announcement came in at the Adobe Max conference, where the software developers announced this latest news. It is also hoped that advanced features will find a way to the web versions with time, giving designers and artists more options to play with.

With Adobe’s new efforts focused on collaborations, Illustrator and Photoshop are finally available for the browser, and users can freely access their work on almost any device.

This feat was not possible previously and required a desktop or an iPad to tackle the tasks. Photoshop for the web is available through the Creative Cloud app and for subscribers of Photoshop. Illustrator for the web is in private beta, for now, so apply for access if you want to use the web app.


Creators will now be able to “view, share and comment on cloud documents on the web” on the browser. They will be able to adjust images on Photoshop using the quick base toolset, which will house several features. Illustrator web private beta allows the creators to “access essential design tools and editing workflows using a set of early features.”

Content Credentials

A new system for NFT creators will allow creators to link the Adobe ID with a crypto wallet. A certificate by the creator will guarantee that NFTs in selected NFT marketplaces are authentic.

The NFTs can be mined easily by anyone, but Content Credentials will specify who the authors are, which will effectively control NFT theft. The feature will be available under the “prepare as NFT” option, which is expected to release soon.


Scott Belsky, CPO Adobe, says that Content Credentials create attribution data that proceeds to be saved in a decentralized file system hosted by IPFS (InterPlanetary file system). This data is to be used by NFT marketplaces that are integrated with Content Credentials.

We will update as and when Adobe’s features start rolling out for the Photoshop and Illustrator web versions. Until then, be safe and happy.


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