North Korea Bans Happiness For 11 Days On 10th Death Anniversary of Kim Jong-il

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has banned happiness in the country to observe the former supreme leader of Korea, Kim Jon il’s death anniversary.

Under this new ban, North Korean citizens will be banned from laughing or celebrating anything for 11 days. Not just this, They will also be barred from doing grocery shopping or visiting any parks.

According to the law, the citizens will not be able to drink alcohol. One of the North Korean citizens, while giving an interview with the local Korean media said that people who have shown any happiness have been charged with several crimes.

Those who break this law will face punishments from the North Korean government.

And not just this, If during these 11 days, someone close to your family dies, you will not be allowed to mourn or cry out loud for that person as well. This year marks the 10th death anniversary of the former Korean supreme leader.

Who was Kim Jong-il?

Kim Jong il

Kim Jong-il was the North Korean supreme leader who ruled North Korea from 1994 till his death in 2011. He is the father of the current supreme leader Kim Jong Un, who took charge after the death of Kim Jong-il in 2011.

North Korean leadership also gave him the title of “Dear Leader” (Great Leader).

Why does Supreme Leader matters so much for North Korean people?

A supreme leader in North Korea is considered a god-like figure that you “must follow” at any cost or face the consequences. All the country’s powers are with their supreme leader, and they are being brought up telling that the Supreme Leader is our only savior.

Not just this, following religions openly is being discouraged. Holy books such as Bible and Quran and completely banned in the country.


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