Man Dies After Getting Deadly Infection From Dog Licking

After reading this news article, you might want to give a second thought concerning your dog licking and kisses.

The compassion from pet dogs are often welcomed and loved by their owners. As, it gives us a soothing feeling that your pet dog is all over you by sharing love in some way. But should dogs be allowed to lick your whole face including your lips? Would you really be kissing them? A recently received report of a victim will make you think twice and to reconsider your dog’s kisses.

A man recently died and the reason known is that by getting licked by his pet dog. The German national, 63-year-old man, before dying visited the hospital complaining of muscle pains and burning sensation concerning his legs. He was also observing the severe symptoms of flu from reportedly the past three days and purplish scars resembling rashes.

This case is known to be a subject in the medical study which can be seen published in the European Journal of Case Reports in internal Medicine. After performing the lab tests, doctors discovered that the patient got infected from the bacteria called Capnocytophaga Canimorus, which can get transferred to the human beings in very rare scenarios.

Dog Licking is dangerous for health!

This bacteria is known to get through in the right conditions, however, a person can become its victim with an open wound such as the dog bite. This fact proves that it is unable to get transferred with a dog lick, which forms this scenario to baffle. Also, the ones with a weak immune system can get infected. The bacteria can cause a person to die within 72 hours as soon as it reveals its symptoms.

The man was being treated with antibiotics yet, his health was deteriorating and he died after 16 days due to the failure of multiple organs.


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