Brother and Sister Repair Shoes Before School To Get Money For Lunch Food

The siblings work every day consistently through repair shoes to collect enough money for food and other school expenses.

Most of the children receive their pocket money for school lunch from their parents conveniently. But, these two young siblings have created a unique way to earn a little amount to support their food needs. They repair shoes on the street sides before heading towards the School.

Micko and Manuelita Borbon are two young students enrolled in Palawan National School located in the Puerto Princesa city of the Philippines, who were noted by a Netizen. The 12-year-old brother would join his 13-year-old sister for the purpose of repairing shoes on streets. They use to work until they gather enough amounts for their School lunch. Then they head towards their School.

These kids accepted that they utilize their earned amounts at more than just lunch. Manuelita said that their earning turns supportive for their School projects too. And they repair the shoes well as their parents Emmanuel Borbon and Mary Ann Borbon work in the same shoe repair shop at Puerto Princesa.

Their mother shared that their family struggles every day because they live in their house as tenants. Nonetheless, she said that her children make her proud and they both are determined to attend the school and complete their studies.

It is a tough routine however; Micko and Manuelita are not guilty of their daily busy routine. Both of the kids understand and standby the reality that it is the need of the moment so that they can go to their School without any barrier and gain a proper education.

Knowingly, the Principal of their school considers and honors the young siblings at the School so that, the other classmates could get inspired and will work hard.


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