After Coronavirus, Highly Pathogenic Bird Flu Outbreaks in China

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China is now experiencing another deadly “highly pathogenic” Bird Flu (H5N1) that has already killed 4,500 chickens.

The report of Bird Flu came from a farm in Shaoyang city in Hunan, China. It is located at the south of Wuhan, China.

Shaoyang city in Hunan China
Daily Mail UK

Chinese authorities have already removed 17,828 effected chickens from poultry, Reuters reported.

Farms are now being sterilized and sealed, Daily Mail reported. This bird flu is so deadly that it instant killed off many birds already. H5N1 strain of the virus has developed into a deadly one in recent years, according to NHS.

But this disease is not going to easily infect human but some people have been infected and died all around the world.

World Health Organization quotes the 60% mortality rate of becoming infected by H5N1. Shaoyang is 302 miles away from Wuhan, China where coronavirus outbreak began in January.

It is going to be very tough for the Chinese authorities to kill the latest bird flu from its origin before it makes things worse for the people all around the world. China is currently fighting a deadly coronavirus, as the world researchers working on a cure to eradicate this virus and come up with a new vaccine.

The mixture of Novel Coronavirus and H5N1 (Highly pathogen Bird Flu) can bring more difficulty in fighting the viruses all at once. Adding more to this, as of now, over 1,000 people have been died after being infected with the coronavirus.

Steps to save yourself from H5N1 Bird Flu

  • Do not touch infected animals.
  • Do not visit poultry markets.
  • Do not eat raw eggs or undercooked chicken.
  • Wash your hands frequently.

This is to be noted that there is no valid vaccine for H5N1 yet. The seasonal vaccine doesn’t protect yourself from H5N1.

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