China Launches App Which Tells If Someone With Coronavirus Is Near You

China has launched an app which will tell that someone has Coronavirus is near them or not. It will save them from getting coronavirus.

People listed “At risk” are advised to stay at home and inform health authorities. This technology enables Chinese Government’s close surveillance on the people.

Users can make an inquiry by QR code using the apps such as WeChat or AliPay. The app is built by the Chinese Electronics Technology Group Corporation and governmental departments.

The app is called “Close Contact Detector”

After scanning the QR code, the app will tell if they have been in contact with someone with coronavirus risk. If they have, they will be advised to see the local health authorities immediately.

It is advised to everyone who have been to China or is living in Asia to download the app and check if they have been in contact with such a person.

Coronavirus is killing people all around the world as the death count goes above 1,000 after Hubei province confirms 97 more deaths in the region.

Unable to find cure, medical researchers are still struggling to find a cure to this deadly disease. Meanwhile some countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia have claimed to cure this deadly disease.

But, there have no advancements made despite their claim of curing this disease as the death tool continues to double as more and more people are getting infected by Coronavirus.


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