Mac PCs Were Attacked With Malware More Than Windows PCs

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Did you know? In 2019, Mac PCs were attacked with Malware twice than Windows PCs! The latest research report unveils the truth.

Windows has always considered to be the house of trojans, viruses and a different amount of malware. The reason? It was easy to penetrate a Windows computer because of the OS defenses.

At some point, it is true, because if we see a potential number of victims all around are mostly windows PC users. But, in 2019 the latest research report has suggested that Mac PCs have been attacked more with malware than any other OS.

Macs have beaten Windows PCs as Mac PCs continues to face a large number of security attacks and malware, posing a great threat to Apple laptop as well as desktop users.

It is the first time the amount of malware attacks on Macs have surpassed Windows, which was once considered safe. State of Malware research report published by Malwarebytes claimed that Mac PCs have seen 400% increase in Malware attacks while Windows PCs experience the half of it.

This is the time when Apple should focusing on making MacOS stronger or else it will continue to face more malware attacks in 2020.

These attacks are mainly focusing on Businesses using Macs, which is a worrisome thing. Ransomware/Malware have becoming common on Macs as per this report. As hackers continues to get money out of the businesses after successfully attacking their Macs.

As per the report, Windows PCs are considered more secure for 2020 than Macs.

How to secure yourself from Malware?

We suggest you to download any of these software (As we also use the premium version of these software) to keep yourself and your computers safe. These software will delete Malware before it attack your PC.

These softwares are;

Source: Malwarebyte Research Report (Published on 11, February, 2020)


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