2021 Mercedes S Class Is Here, A Unique RICH Look

The newly launched 2021 Mercedes S Class is the flagship of the line and it will be arriving in the first half of 2021 in the US dealerships. Providing greater comfort and safety and giving overall experience to drivers and passengers.

The S class embodies not only the brand’s flagship but it has provided an increase of 12.9 percent from the S450 4Matic Sedan of 2020 to the S500 4Matic Sedan of 2021 starting price of 109,800 dollars.

For the US market, the new S-Class Sedan will be offered in three trim levels to streamline production. which are Luxury Line, AMG Line, and the Executive Line, the latter available exclusively on the S 580 Sedan.

s 2021 meercedes

To push the dealers’ profit even higher, each level showcased the usual standard technologies and features and beyond that multiple customization options and appointments are provided.

2021 Mercedes S Class Specifications Sneak Peak


You get these following things in a base model S class sedan the Tech highlights include a 12.8 inch OLED multimedia touchscreen display and it has the potential to provide more than five screens so that no one has to go without.

The Mercedes Benz user experience (MBUX) of the second-generation infotainment system is standard and it provides more than 50 percent processing power as compared to the previous system and by voice, via facial recognition, or a touch of a finger the profile of an individual can be activated.

Mercedes S 2021

The new interior technology provides the users with active ambient lighting with LEDs for the driver assistance systems or to identify speakers when interacting with MBUX.

The new S class further provides new active and passive driver assistance systems and also a 360-degree camera with a 3D view assist feature to help individuals park in tight spaces.

Mercedes S Class

It has a crash sensor system that recognizes a likely impact ahead in more situations than before ensures the S class ranks way up there in sophistication and safety.

The S class is smarter than the operator because it has driver assistance systems with autonomous speed and distance maintenance.


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