Manicure HIV? Young Woman Gets HIV Through Manicure

Manicure Hiv
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Manicure HIV – As per the latest update from New York Daily News, a 22-year-old woman in Brazil diagnosed with HIV after she got her manicure done that was used on another customer.

Experts say that the case was reported initially in the AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses journal in 2018, which showcased a new form of virus transfer.

Upon the first diagnostic, she was found to have an advanced HIV positive case. She didn’t have anything that can cause HIV including intimacy etc.

After the doctors further investigated, they found the woman used the same equipment for a manicure which was once used by her cousin who later found to be HIV positive. Further tests showed that the woman got her first virus 10 years back.

HIV Sequence Database expert, Dr. Biran Foley at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the USA said that this virus can be transmitted through various ways, such things that give you a cut, like Razors, Scissors, nail cutters, and manicure equipment, etc. He further advised taking your own equipment to the salon when you visit it next time.

Medical experts have said that the case mentioned in this Digital Phablet report is highly rare. But it is a good example for people to be very careful in such matters. And also care about your personal health and do not compromise it.

This is an informative video about the facts of this virus that everyone should know;

This is advised to carry your own equipment and in case if you forget or can’t carry your stuff then ask your salon specialist to clean their equipment in front of you. Try not to compromise on your personal health. And if someone refuses to clean it or show reluctance, then it is the best time to switch your salon.

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