LinkedIn Launching Fiverr-Like Platform For Freelancers – LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn is becoming new Fiverr by announcing their service called Linked ProFinder helping freelancers to earn from their platform rather than just scrolling or adding content.

This project has been in discussions for a long time but now is the time when LinkedIn has started rolling out that Linked ProFinder updates to the users all around the world.

Linked ProFinder works the same way as most of you have seen on the famous freelancing website, Fiverr. One lists expertise, adding relevant experience, images, and details about what kind of work they will perform. And the buyer simply comes, looking for freelancers, and chooses the one who he or she thinks will do a better job for their brand, app or website.

LinkedIn ProFinder

This will open new doors for Freelancers to earn from LinkedIn, the payout method for this hasn’t been announced yet as LinkedIn is only taking exclusive freelance applications, and you can apply here if you’re interested in it.

For business owners, this new update will be a bliss, as all the freelancers listed on the website will be updated after a manual review, making it even more authentic and useful than Fiverr.

Apply on LinkedIn ProFinder

Usually, business owners hesitate before approaching a freelancer on Fiverr, knowing that this freelancer might or might not be working for your project. But with LinkedIn, verified freelancers or sellers in Fiverr language, will make their platform even more professional.

Allowing people to make their LinkedIn as their personal office to earn money from it. While for Business owners, they do not have to worry about the authenticity of the work or the person doing their work.

linkedin pro finder freelancing

Linked ProFinder yet to roll out in different countries, but the countries like Singapore, US or UK have started getting it. And soon, it will roll out for you too if it is unavailable to you right now.

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