9 Things Happen When You Quit Smoking

When you quit smoking, these 9 things happen to your body and these 9 things are the reason why you should consider quitting it.

We know quitting it is such a tough task, but if you have the will to quit it, you can, below are the things why you should start thinking about quitting this bad habit;

1. Your BP (Blood Pressure) gets normalized

2 normal blood pressure

2. The Oxygen level gets better

3 normal oxygen level

3. You can taste and smell better!

4 taste of smell

4. Bronchial tubes go at ease

5 tube relax

5. Lung condition and circulation gets better

6 blood circulation

6. Your “small-coughs” go away

7 breathing

7. 50% fewer chances of getting a heart attack

8 heart risks

8. Risks of having stroke cuts by 90%

9 stroke

9. Risk of lung cancer decreases to a greater extent

10 lung cancer


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