8 Interesting Google Search Tricks That You Should Try Now

These 8 Google search tricks are in the information of fewer people, it is interesting and interactive to make your searching more fun.

1. Tilting

google search trick tilting

To have the current page at a tilted angle, write “askew” on Google search bar.

2. The initial look of Google 1998

google 1998

Since Google got developed, it went through a lot of alterations throughout the years. Type “Google in 1998” to check out its initial look.

3. Barrel Roll

Barrel Roll google search

Pressing “z or r two times” or by “do a barrel roll” would reveal the Star Fox Video Game in the Google Website.

4. Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

Stuck with the workload and need a short quick break? Then go with Google and type “Zerg Rush” and have a fun time for yourself. This idea was first used in 1998 by the zerg players in the “StarCraft” strategy game.

5. Game of Life by Conway

Conway’s Game Of Life

This game is developed by John Horton, a British Mathematician. Game of Life is basically a game of cellular automation.

6. Flip A Coin

flip a coin

You can also have fun by flipping a coin with Google. To toss, type “flip a coin”, flip your own coin and enjoy tossing!

7. Roll A Die

roll a die gogle

Google can also serve you with its amazing “roll a die” game. This feature rolls a die virtually. You can start having fun by just typing the mentioned title.

8. Google’s Blinking Search Results

blink html

Go along the search results by entering “Blink HTML” in the search bar. Every search result generated by Google would start blinking. Making it one of the best Google search tricks ever.


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