Fashion Magazines Replaced Celebrities With Doctors As Their Covers

Top Fashion magazines are now replacing celebrities with the picture of doctors as their cover photo to pay a tribe to the health staff.

Guardian Weekly

This weekly magazine emphasized physical isolation as per the current situation in which every nation is going through a lockdown.

Italian Vogue

They began focusing on their work from scratch and replaced the covers prepared for an idea with the present situation. They shared that it’s their move to show rebirth, respect, purity, and silence.

Vanity Fair Italy

Vanity Fair also shedding light and presented their way of saluting the doctors working at frontlines to treat the patients infected from coronavirus.

Grazia UK

Hattie Brett, the editor, along with his team planned to start their daily work from an idea that would be frontline-oriented in the magazine.

GQ India

The team of Indian GQ also decided to recreate six well-known magazine covers. To create awareness regarding the preventive measures, they replaced them with masks for COVID-19.

New York Magazine

The editor-in-chief of the New York magazine, David Haskell, wanted to develop a special project to help their readers to adjust in this mass social distancing.

The New Yorker

With the highest number of cases in the US, New York is almost a grin. Chris Ware of The New Yorker has introduced a touching cover photo of the lives of the Health workers and their families.

Instyle Editor’s Special Digital Cover

Brown planned to develop a digital cover photo instead of waiting the whole month to publish the issue targeting a scientist working tirelessly since the beginning of the year, 2020.


This magazine has focused on the aspects of a person’s life by talking about the change in the work-life of everyone as the organizations have been following the “work from home” rule.

Vogue Portugal

The April issue of Vogue Portugal surrounds the concept of the pause of freedom i.e. we shouldn’t stop enjoying our lives.


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