How to Register as a VIP In GTA 5 – In Just 3 Steps

GTA Online allows the players to registed as CEOs and VIP in GTA 5, but both positions require $1 million in GTA cash.

This question have been asked to us quiet a number of times, so we decided to answer it.

GTA 5 developers are making their game more interesting by introducing new update time by time. In GTA Online, you can also hire other players to be your bodyguards. After becoming VIP, the gamers can take things to the next level and even register as a CEO. But to do this, you have to register as a VIP in GTA 5.

How to register as a VIP in GTA 5?

The player should have the total in-game cash of $50,000 before registering for VIP. Although the VIP registration is Free, having $50,000 is a pre-requisite.

If you have the cash over $50,000 follow this guide to register;

Total Time: 5 minutes

Open GTA 5 interaction menu and access “SecuroServ”.

You can register as a VIP from this menu.

Once you’re done, you should name your organization.

When you go back to the interaction menu, it will show “SecuroServ” as “SecuroServ VIP,” which you can use to live luxurious life in-game. For more information, refer to the video below.

Furthermore, you can also register as a CEO in GTA 5.

How To Register as a CEO in GTA 5

For this, you would need double in-game cash as compared to what you needed while becoming a VIP in the game. The collection of Million can take a while, but you are free to become the CEO if you have it already. Below mentioned are the requirements to become one;

  1. Maze Bank West must worth $1,000,000
  2. Arcadius Business Center must worth $2,250,000
  3. Lombank West must worth $3,100,000
  4. Maze Bank Tower should worth $4,000,000

GTA V Online is gaining lots of players daily making it one of the famous games online in the world, having the most active players in terms of gaming and streaming on Twitch.


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