How To Get Neymar Fortnite Skin? Soccer ball and Cup

Neymar Fortnite Skin is finally in the game! Here is how you can attain his skin easily in the game.

Neymar, the Brazilian soccer was coming to Fortnite in March after he was teased as a part of the latest season’s battle royale. The Epic video game look of Neymar was disclosed today, and some outfits seemed to be taken out right from power rangers, so now it is finally known what he will look like.

Those who buy the current pass will be able to see The latest quests and gears of Neymar, and it will be available on the 27th of April. In the below image, you can check out the accessories of Neymar.

Neymar is not the first celebrity to get featured in Fortnite, but he is definitely the first pro-athlete player. There were plenty of fictional characters featured in the game. Based on some music stars, different skins were added like Marshmallow, Ninja, Loserfruit, Streamers, Travis Scott, and then Greg.

How to get Neymar Fortnite Skin?

Completing 3 Quests from Island Soccer Player

Unlocks the Nymar Jr Fortnite matador loading screen.

Completing 5 Quests from Island Soccer Players

This unlocks Neymar Fortnite Skin.

Drop Kicking The Soccer Ball Toy For 500 Meters as Neymar Jr.

Unlocks Joia Trophy Back Bling.

Score a Goal As Neymar Jr. With The Soccer Ball

Unlocks Jaguar Strike Pickaxe.

Eliminate 3 as Neymar Jr.

Unlocks Shh Emote.

When and How to Get the outfit

neymar jr outfit fortnite

You can get the skin on Fortnite after the 27th of April, but first, you will need to buy the season 6 battle pass to gain access to Neymars challenges.

  • Around the island, The player will need to search for some soccer-loving characters. Talk to these NPCs and choose a quest to complete.
  • The Neymar outfit will be available After the player has successfully helped out with five of these Soccer player quests.

Neymar Jr Cup

On the 28th of April, Epic will be hosting a one-off solo tournament to celebrate the arrival of Neymar Jr’s in Fortnite, which will include some amazing prices. The player who wins each region of the Neymar Jr cup will be awarded a commemorative and a custom football boot, which is worth 500 dollars and is designed by puma.

Neymar Jr Cup

Furthermore, the player who gains 5 points during the event will be awarded a new spinner Takes All Emoticon.

Players will need to score for both the placement and eliminations. The maximum time provided to the player will be 3 hours. The player must have two-factor authentication and an account having more than level 30 For participation.


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