Free Robux Websites Can Install Virus Into Your Device, Beware!

There is no such thing as free Robux websites. The websites you see in the google search are mostly fake, scam, and install malware into PC, mobile, or any other device.

What is a Robux?

Robux is an in-game currency for the famous game Roblox, Which can be used to purchase in-game upgrades, avatars, and other accessories to update your character or place or the game.

How can you get Robux for free?

Honestly, There is not way you can get it for free unless someone gifts it to you.

Harmful Free Robux Websites!

We went through all the free Robux sites we could find on the search engines and found all of them have some virus, which could infect your device with trojan horse or malware.

The majority of the websites were from PDF, which contains a malicious link that forces you to complete tasks (all full of virus) and install malicious files to your computer, which can later be used to hack your Roblox account or your social media.

This is one of the examples of the Roblox generator;

robux generator

This way, they get your details, including your Roblox username and others; when you provide all the information, they either open few pop-ups or try the install software if you’re accessing from the PC/Laptop and app if you’re accessing from Smartphone.

We reached out to Roblox’s development team, and they confirmed that they do not provide any free codes in return for coupons or anything like that. People who signup on these shady websites are on the verge of getting their game account hacked by these website owners.

Where to get Robux?

You can only buy it from Roblox’s official website; this is the most secure place to get it, as you can trust the developers, but buying it from any third party or failing to some scam that is promising some of these for free is not recommended.


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  1. IK WIL GRATIS 100000 robux donate me

    1. DigitalPhablet says:

      Sep, it’s important to be cautious when it comes to websites claiming to offer free Robux. As the post mentioned, some of these sites can actually install viruses into your device, putting your personal information and device security at risk. It’s always best to obtain Robux through legitimate means provided by the game itself. Remember, it’s not worth compromising your device’s safety for a quick gain. Stay safe!