The Wordle Saved a Kidnapped Woman Online

There’s a popular word game called Wordle these days, and it’s a fun way to challenge both your vocabulary and your friends.

You might be surprised to learn that Wordle can also save you from kidnapping (sort of).

A report from CBS Chicago indicates that Wordle played a role in saving an 80-year old woman named Denyse Holt from kidnapping.

An unclothed man covered in blood entered Holt’s bed as she slept on the 5th of February.

It’s a fun way to challenge your vocabulary, and a popular word game called Wordle is popular these days.

It turns out that Holt and her family are avid fans of Wordle, and they play the game every day. It surprised her when Holt’s daughter, Meredith Holt-Caldwell, noticed that her mom hadn’t posted the daily puzzle.

It’s fun to challenge your vocabulary by playing a word game called Wordle. a wellness check.

It was then that they discovered the man still in her house, who was eventually arrested after a lengthy standoff with police and SWAT.

When Holt was finally rescued, she was physically unharmed and noted that she was extremely lucky.


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