4 Top Best GTA V RP Servers For You To Join TODAY!

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Every individual GTA V RP Servers work in a similar cadence and aim to offer the most smooth experience as possible and also allows you to play anything from cab driver to news anchor.

Best GTA V RP Servers


It is one of the toughest and also one of the famous servers you could hope to join. NoPixel is frequented by Lirik, Moonmoon, and Summit1G and it only allows 32 players at a time which is obvious that it had rejected applications in which 4000 people applied.


This server hosts 200 players at a single time and it is also another one of GTA RP’s heavy hitters. There are also post spots for several jobs like Los Santos Medical Services and Los Santos Customs. One of its most important characteristics is how detailed its forum section is completely laying out oodles of crime factors for us to apply ranging from the Los Santos Irish mobiles to the clown.

Eclipse RP seems to be other one of GTA RP’S premier servers so the waiting list could be long.


The GTA world server is completely text-based, which means those are not interested in chatting with strangers to have a place to go to give GTA RP a whirl. There is also a signup process for the GTA world which is similar to others and regarding the website, there are 500 members currently.

You can also walk around the forums even if your not an accepted member though.


This server also includes the sign-up process in two years this roleplay server will be made. Mafia City also provides the option for you to enjoy games as a gangster, cop, or a money-hungry CEO. it comes with a ‘’ dynamic’’ legal and illegal group system. Custom-made player businesses, corporations, and every property are for sales like apartments, hotels, and houses.

What are GTA V RP servers

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto 5’s Roleplay server is like playing the game as per your rule-following your self created story. You that, you will need a mod, that you can turn into a map that is filled with tons of other people who can play a cop, criminal, or even a shop clerk.

How to join GTA V RP servers

Servers have their own set of rules, mostly servers ask you to fill up an application and agree to the rules. Once your application is accepted, you will be in the queue to join the game.


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