Mafia 3 Mods, Cheats And Dlc

Mafia 3 Mods, Cheats and DLC for PC, Xbox and PS4


The guide to getting all Mafia 3 Mods, Mafia 3 cheats, Mafia 3 DLCs and more! This article is all about Mafia 3!

Mafia 3 mods

There are 5 best mods we suggest you try on to power up your Mafia game.

No Rear View Mirror and Speedometer (Mod by Draconio)

Mafia 3 Mod Rear View Off

Turns off Rear view and Speedometer to make the game look like REAL!

Infinite Ammo (Mod by FaTeLz)

Infinite Ammo Mafia 3 Mod

You will never run out of ammo, ever!!!

god mode (Mod by FATELZ)

Mafia 3 God Mod

This mod will make you Thanos of Mafia 3, you can do whatever you want.

Car Speed Boost (Mod by dirtydanisreal)

Mafia 3 Mod Car Boost

Gives a boost to your car, like playing Need For Speed in Mafia 3.

Color Correction and Blur Removal (Mod by Nyclix)

Mafia 3 Color Correction And Blur Removal

Makes your gameplay looks more realistic by adding more shades and colors.

Mafia 3 Cheats

There are all the cheats and hacks to open godmode, Infinite Ammo, Infinite Cash, Insta Kill, and Infinite Adrenaline. This video guide will help you open a new world in the city of Mafia.

mafia 3 dlc

Mafia 3 soundtrack

Liked the soundtracks? We do too! We compiled all the soundtracks in one video so you do not have to roam around here and there to find every song that came in Mafia 3 game.

Mafia 3 gameplay walkthrough

Full walkthrough with no commentary? Say no more! This video is contains the entire 100% gameplay of Mafia 3, completing each and every level that gave developers have added in the game.

When will Mafia 4 release?

It will release at the start of 2021, and the gameplay will show on E3 and you will be able to pre-order the game by then.

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