Sacred Games Season 3: Netflix Renews Sacred Games for Season 3

Netflix has renewed Sacred Games for Season 3 in the latest update. The story of Sacred Games season 3 will revolve around what happened next.

The Indian web series, Sacred Games, has been renewed by Netflix as the story is yet to be told. Sacred Games Season 2 was the highly anticipated TV show after it’s the first season was a great hit.

But the season 3 will bring more answers to the questions left unanswered in Season 2 of sacred games. This is unclear if Season 3 will be the last season for Sacred Games, which obviously the director of the TV show can reveal anytime soon.

Sacred Games Season 3 Story

In the ending scenes, Gaitonde says that half of his story is left untold because Sartaj (in the first season) called Police to break Gaintonde’s bunker. There are many ways this can end, either there is a blast or there isn’t.

The story of Season 3 will revolve around how Guruji has planned everything for Gaitonde and his link with Pakistan is yet to be discussed.

The director, Anurag Kashyap left a lot of details, which needs another season and luckily it is happening.

Sacred Games Season 3 Release Date

The release date of Season 3 has not been confirmed yet but the year is confirmed that Season 3 of Sacred Games will air in 2020. Digital Phablet can only confirm that there is going to be a Season 3 of sacred games after getting details from the management of Netflix.

Sacred Games proved to be one of the most famous Netflix original TV Series in the Indian category, which gathered not just the Indian audience but also catches the mind of international views because of its striking story.

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