Pakistan Became First Country to Launch 5G Services In South Asia

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Pakistan has become the first country to initiate 5G services in South Asia beating India, Bangladesh, and other countries.

A new technological era has begun for Pakistan as they head towards launching 5G in Pakistan soon after running successful tests which will add a value of worth $12 trillion to the Telecommunication market.

Pakistan 5G Launch

Zong was the first Chinese cellular mobile phone company in Pakistan which is helping Pakistan in launching 5G. After conducting successful 5G trials in Pakistan by the Chinese telecom on the Pakistani independence day, 14 August 2019. Currently, Zong is also the market leader in the 4G market in Pakistan.

With these successful 5G trials, this will allow Pakistan to launch 5G for general public real soon. The technology department of the country is currently eyeing 5G developments in the country to give the fastest ever internet speed. Moving ahead, the country is also trying to go Fully-AI by the end of 2030.

Pakistan has invested billions of dollars in the development and launching of 5G in Pakistan. The speed of 5G will be so fast that you will be able to download GBs of data in a few seconds.

China has also been investing millions of dollars in Pakistan under the agreement of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor), and now is helping Pakistan in technological growth.

Zong and Telenor will launch 5G services in Pakistan

Zong and Telenor have been testing 5G services in Pakistan actively and will launch it very soon as soon as they find a solution to that. Digital Phablet has also reached to the management of Zong and Telenor to have a comment on this.

Launching 5G Services In South Asia will bring more benefits to Pakistan as other countries will follow the route map set by Chinese and Pakistani telecom.

This technological advancement will bring the fastest speed internet and more technologies that are in relation with 5G to Pakistan making it more technological powerful.


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  1. Pak should first think about improving its economy instead of fulfilling the Shauk of dreamers like Imran PM Khan.